It is expected that all members have read the rules and by joining the guild agree to stick them.


The main rule is: Don’t be a jerk.


If we think you’re being a jerk, we’ll tell you. If you continue being a jerk, we’ll ask you to leave. And if you decide to be even more of a jerk, we’ll kick you.

The rules exist to provide a clear outline of the expectations and requirements of being a member of the guild and to help you not be a jerk.

Things that will probably get you kicked

The following may result in instant removal from the guild:

  • Abusive behaviour towards any player;
  • Stealing from the guild bank;
  • Rage quitting a raid or BG;
  • Applying to other guilds without telling an officer first.


  • If you are missing a raid night, please follow the team’s guidelines for how to tell us about it. Unexplained absence may result in demotion or even being kicked.
  • Any character that has not logged on for two months may be removed from the guild unless we know you’re coming back. Please use the Away forum to tell us about it.


  • Anyone wanting to join Adept must complete an application form.
  • The Guild Leader gets the final say on whether or not an application is accepted. For Raid/RBG applications, the GL will only accept them with the Raid/RBG Leaders’ agreement.
  • Raiders/RBGers who do not pass their trial or who leave the team are allowed to remain as Socials as long as they are nice people and follow the rest of the rules (including the one about letting us know if they’re applying to other guilds).


There is no limit to the number or level of Alts you can have in the guild. To have an Alt invited, please whisper an Officer with a character already in the guild telling them the name of the Alt you want invited and checking they have time to do it. Then log to the Alt and whisper them again so they can add you. Don’t just whisper from the Alt because we have no way to tell if you are really you.


Guild Bank

  • The guild bank is managed by the officers.
  • All BoE’s not needed by raiders will be taken for the guild bank to be sold on the AH.
  • The funds raised from the sale of guild bank items are used to fund the raid teams.
  • All members, including Socials and Alts, are welcome to use the items in the open bank tabs.
  • Items taken from the guild bank must be used/equipped by a character in the guild.
  • Selling guild bank items without permission from an officer may result in you having guild bank access revoked or you being removed from the guild.

Voice Comms

  • We use Mumble for our voice chat service.
  • We use Skype for Rated Battlegrounds. RBG team members are expected to have it installed.

Guild Chat

  • We swear a lot but if you’re swearing a lot for no reason or using some particularly hardcore language we might ask you to tone it down sometimes.
  • Some people enjoy calling each other names because they are friends and it’s fun for them. Anyone name-calling seriously or in anger will be breaking the ‘Don’t be a jerk’ rule.
  • Don’t post dps or other meter stuff. No one cares.
  • Don’t talk about how easy a boss is in gchat – people experience things differently and this kind of talk is bad for morale.


  • The main language of the Guild is English.
  • We have many members whose first language is not English, remember this if you’re using slang terms or phrases and be prepared to attempt explaining them.
  • If you need to use a different language in to explain something better that’s OK but try not to exclude people and keep it in whisper if possible.
  • Remember that some people speak multiple languages, or are just good with Google Translate, so don’t say something stupid thinking no one will understand it.