It was on this date in 2005 that Adept was born.

I’m told, from time to time, that Adept is uncommon. People will ask, how do you have 2 raid teams without it causing problems? How do you deal with drama? How can you afford to provide consumables to the teams? Don’t people steal? Do people actually bother filling in the application form? What about having all those raiders in guild chat, aren’t they jerks?

The answer is that we deal with problems as they come up. Drama is rare, we get through it and laugh about later. We can afford to do consumables because guild members donate their resources. No one steals. The application form is our way of keeping Adept how we like it, people who don’t fill it in are not for us. And we just tell people when they’re being bad jerks so they go back to being the normal level of jerk that we know and love.

We bring together a diverse group of people with very different opinions and make it work. We don’t put up with shit, and we take the piss out of ourselves when we’ve been dumb. I think our members deserve to be proud of themselves for the community we have made together.

I’m honoured to lead Adept as we hit double digits and I am sure Adept will still be going strong for years to come.

Happy birthday!