Adept was formed in November 2005 and has been raiding ever since. For Shadowlands we are moving to Silvermoon-EU, running a 20-man Mythic team and a 15-24-man Casual team on different nights. We also have 1-2 open raids for alts and social members (usually on Monday and Friday).

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Red Squad

Mythic Raiding

Adept’s Red Squad is a team of experienced raiders who raid 20 man Mythic, 2 nights/week. Our hours might be casual, but our attitude isn’t. We are hardcore raiders who can’t commit to the traditional 4-5 nights but who still want to achieve good progression with like-minded people.


Exceptional Ranged DPS


12/12 Ny’alotha Mythic


Wednesday & Sunday


Raid times

19:30 – 23:30 (server time)

Viper Squad

Casual Raiding

The Viper Squad is Adept’s casual team who will raid Heroics & Mythics 2 nights/week. The aim is to get through the content together, experiencing the fights as a team and having fun. Raids are relaxed but Adept’s normal rules of etiquette apply. The team runs at around 15-24 people, making use of flexible sizing so people rarely need to sit out until poking at Mythic.


Healers / Offhealers
Ranged & Melee DPS


12/12 Ny’alotha Heroic


Thursday & Tuesday


Raid times

21:00 – 00:15 (server time)

Social Members

General awesomeness

Adept has an active social core who, whilst not in a raid team, are a big part of who we are. We have a regular open raid of current content and there are opportunities to organise achievement runs, leveling groups etc. with Guild support. We welcome social applications from anyone who’d be a good fit; we don’t mind what level you are, and you don’t have to have friends here already but we do ask that Adept be your ‘main’ Guild.

Open raids

Anyone can sign up for our weekly open raids, or schedule one of their own

Forum, Discord chat & Mumble

Our members like to keep in touch.

How to Apply

Apply to the guild by completing the application form on our Discord.

Occasionally Asked Questions

Do you take under 18s?

No, unless you already know people in the Guild and they can vouch for you.

Do you accept low level characters?

Yes. If you want to level in Adept as a social member that’s fine with us. And plenty of us have alts so we might be able to join you sometimes.

Can I make a private application?

All applications are private, outsiders can’t see them, so just use the normal form. All Guild members can see all applications and can comment on whether or not we accept someone.

How busy is the guild?

With 40-50 active raiders plus social members there’s usually someone around. As most of us are older with jobs and families, the day times are quieter but we do have a few students and shift workers so it’s almost never empty in Guild. We’re not a huge Guild either though so it’s generally pretty easy to keep up with chat. We use our forum quite a lot throughout the day to keep in touch when we can’t be in WoW and that’s also where we arrange achievement runs, extra raids, etc.

Can me and my friend/partner/relative make a joint application?

Yes you can. We have some couples and family members in the guild so you won’t be alone. However when it comes to team activities we don’t guarantee couples get promoted/reserved together so we do expect you to be flexible in that area.

Can guild mates looking for a new home apply together?

Yes, in the same way that friends and family can but we probably won’t take an entire raid team in. Feel free to contact Conanette either in game or on discord (conanette#2469) for a chat.